ŽILPO (Slovakia)

Project realisation: 4.2020 - 2021


ŽILPO is the operator of the largest private medical facility in the Žilina county.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, our ionizers were installed in the building to provide disinfection treatment of corridors, one-day surgery, laboratories, otorhinolaryngology, eye center, children's department and pharmacy. In 2021, we also delivered our ionizers to the rehabilitation department, MR and to several general practitioners` offices.


  • Continuous disinfection of the environment and prevention of airborne viral and bacterial diseases
  • All-day safe use of ionization in the presence of medical professionals, patients and service personnel
  • Compliance with the hygienic limit of ozone concentration in the treated environment

Technical parameters

11 pcs of wall ionizers DEZOSTER PT

2 pcs of controllers RJ-05

9 pcs of ozone sensors OS-11

8 pcs of portable ionizers DEZOSTER AirCAT

For the corridors and emergency rooms that were not ventilated by their own air-conditioning units or ventilation ducts, we decided to use DEZOSTER PT wall ionizers in combination with DEZOSTER AirCAT portable ionizers. DEZOSTER PT devices are operated by the RJ-05 controller. OS-11 ozone sensors are applied to ensure compliance with the hygienic ozone limit.

For places where DEZOSTER AirCAT portable ionizers could not be manually controlled, we used a controlled socket OS-11 PSB with integrated ozone sensor. The OS-11 PSB automatically regulates the operation of the ionizers based on the concentration of ozone in the treated area.

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