PRETO Ryba (Slovakia)

Project realisation: from 1999 to the present


Ryba Žilina (PRETO Ryba) is the largest producer of fish salads in Slovakia. It is also an important distributor of frozen goods.

During our long-term cooperation, we have delivered all types of our ionizers to almost every production place within the company. As the PRETO Ryba grew, our systems were installed for the premises of vegetable preparation, marinade production, packaging and filling, mayonnaise production, cod machine, changing rooms and drying and disinfection of work shoes.


  • Increased microbiological purity of the air supplied to the production premises
  • Decontamination effect on air ducts and internal production premises

Technical parameters

21 pcs of ionizers for air conditioning DEZOSTER DM

7 pcs of controllers RJ-05

13 pcs of ozone sensors OS-11

4 pcs wall ionizers DEZOSTER PT

Special ionization system for disinfection of work shoes

1 pc electronic ozone datalogger – HDL-O3

Dozens of portable ionizers DEZOSTER AirCAT for office premises

Volume of treated air: 33 250 m3/hour

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