Rumailah Farm (UAE)

Project realisation: 1.2022 - 6.2022


Rumailah Royal Farm is one of the largest producers of cow's milk and dairy products in the United Arab Emirates.

In cooperation with our Swiss partner, we delivered our ionization technology in the premises of a gigantic cow shed.


  • Elimination of odors inside the barn
  • Improvement of the microclimate for stabled dairy cows and calves
  • Disinfection treatment of incoming air from four air-conditioning units, as well as recirculating air from 16 air-conditioning systems
  • Reduction of ammonia and stable gas emissions

Technical parameters

32 pcs of ionizers for air conditioning DEZOSTER DM

4 pcs of controllers RJ-05

4 pcs of ozone sensors OS-11

Dimensions of the cow shed (length x width x height): approx. 120x30x7,2m

Outdoor climate conditions in summer: 46°C/19°C

Volume of treated air: 122 400 m3/hour

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