Disinfection and ionization

After storm, the air is fresher due to the tremendous power of electrical discharges that have cleared the atmosphere. The sun, water, wind, trees, plants and lightning release energy that constantly breaks oxygen molecules into electrically charged atomic ions.
The interaction of positive and negative ions creates new, energy-activated oxygen molecules. Such ionization takes place constantly in nature and has beneficial effects. It enriches the air, cleans and disinfects the atmosphere.

In our ionizers, we use the same process of simulating natural ionization. The devices activate the process of self-cleaning and air disinfection and create a natural balance of ions.

The basic active element of our ionizers are special high-voltage ionization tubes. Using a controlled corona discharge, they create air ions and high-energy oxygen atoms.

Product video

Watch the product video, how our portable ionizers work. All our products work on the same principle.

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