Andel Elite Dental Center (Slovakia)

Project realisation: 6.2020 (main building) and 9.2020 (extension)


Andel Elite Dental Center is a top professional dental center based in Hlohovec. To name but a few, it offers comprehensive solutions for patients in the field of restorative dentistry, orthodontics, surgery, implantology, and hygiene.


  • Improvement of the microbiological climate
  • Permanent preventive decontamination and deodorization effect on the supplied air in all ventilated spaces

Technical parameters

7 pcs of ionizers for air conditioning DEZOSTER DM

2 pcs of wall ionizers DEZOSTER PT (rooms without air conditioning)

2 pcs of portable ionizers DEZOSTER AirCAT (rooms without air conditioning)

5 pcs of controllers RJ-05

14 pcs of ozone sensors OS-11

4 pcs of electronic ozone dataloggers HDL-O3

Five separate ventilation systems with a total air volume of treated air: 5 460 m3/hour

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