Controller TRH – Thermohygrostat

The TRH controller is a control unit for controlling two separate power channels, for example heating element and fan.

It was specially developed to meet the requirements of power plants, especially for demanding climate control in classic power switchgear and disconnectors. It is also widely used in climate-controlled warehouses, greenhouses, document depositories, archives, museums, etc.

The TRH controller is produced in two basic mechanical versions:

  1. The electronics of the controller is placed in a robust plastic box with V0 fire resistance and IP66 protection
  2. The electronics of the controller is placed in a standard box for mounting directly on a DIN rail.
  • Extends the service life and increases the reliability of electrical equipment
  • Can significantly reduce electricity consumption
  • The possibility of attachment on a DIN rail or on the wall or panel
  • Controller electronics placed in a plastic box with IP66 protection (valid for certain models)

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