Kofola Česko-Slovensko (Czech Republic)

Project realisation: 10.2022


The plant is a 100% subsidiary of Kofola Česko-Slovensko.

We are the exclusive supplier of ionization technology to all production plants of Kofola ČeskoSlovensko (Rajecká Lesná, Kláštorná, Krnov, Mnichovo Hradiště) and also for HOOP Kutno plant in Poland. In July 2022, we received a request to disinfect pressurized air flowing through the filter unit into the filler area.


  • Continuous preventive disinfection treatment of technological air
  • Increased microbiological cleanliness in the filler area

Technical parameters

6 pcs ionizers for air conditioning DEZOSTER DM

1 pc of controller RJ-05

2 pcs of ozone sensors OS-11

1 pc of electronic ozone dataloggers HDL-O3

For this project, DEZOSTER DM ionization devices were used. They disinfect pressurized air and provide continuous disinfection treatment of the HEPA filter in the filler. They are built directly into the filter units using an external mechanical adjustment structure. In this way, the warranty on the whole filler unit is not violated.

The ionizers are powered by the RJ-05 controller, which also regulates the intensity of ionization in the filler and its surroundings. To ensure compliance with the hygienic ozone limit in the working environment, two OS-11 ozone sensors were applied.                  

The entire disinfection system gets turned on together with the fan system in the filter units. This also allows the entire system to be turned on and off from a single power source.

The electronic ozone datalogger HDL-O3 is used for recording ozone values ​​in the filler surroundings.

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